To enhance safety for motorists and pedestrians, the City of Valparaiso will be stepping up enforcement efforts for traffic violations that lead to accidents, particularly speeding. “We simply want to remind motorists of speed limits and safe driving habits so pedestrians can comfortably share the roadways with vehicles,” said Mayor Jon Costas.

“There are essentially three E’s in traffic management – education, engineering and enforcement,” said Mayor Jon Costas. The Valparaiso Police Department has historically focused on education, issuing verbal or written warnings to remind motorists of speeds and safety concerns. Engineering – adding signage and traffic calming features like speed tables – has also been introduced but is a costly tool to ensure compliance. Enforcement of traffic rules is also useful in enhancing safety.

“Traffic safety is a leading complaint of our residents. At each meeting of our Traffic and Safety committee, we hear from neighborhoods and parents seeking more safety. Education and warnings do not appear to be enough. By issuing fewer warnings and more citations, we can work together to prevent accidents and injuries. Certainly, we can all agree that the safety of our kids and pedestrians is worth our focused attention,” said Costas.