The LaPorte County 4-H Fashion Revue was held on Friday, June 28th at the Westville High School.

Below are the results:


2024 Senior Fashion Revue

Informal or Casual Wear – Champion – Paige Bannwart

Reserve Champion – Chloe Fasshauer

A-Honors – Paige Bannwart, Chloe Fasshauer, Mary Minich

A’s – Kaitlyn Duttlinger


Free Choice – Champion – Leah Eskridge

A-Honors – Leah Eskridge


Suits Coats – Champion – Madison Scarborough

A-Honors – Madison Scarborough


Dress Up Wear – Champion – Kate Minich

Reserve Champion – Caroline Wildfang

A-Honors – Kate Minich, Caroline Wildfang


Senior Grand Champion Fashion Revue – Paige Bannwart

Senior Reserve Grand Champion Fashion Revue – Leah Eskridge

Alt. Senior Reserve Grand Champion Fashion Revue – Madison Scarborough


Junior Fashion Revue

3rd Grade Champion – Charlotte Lindgren

3rd Grade Reserve Champion – Charlotte Bucher

A-Honors – Charlotte Bucher, Charlotte Lindgren


4th Grade Champion – Josie Gamble

4th Grade Reserve Champion – Margaret Tomich

A-Honors – Nora Ekovich, Josie Gamble, Juliann Grott, Winifred Schoff, Margaret Tomich, Olyvya Tello


5th Grade Champion – Kaylynn McKeague

5th Grade Reserve Champion – Caroline Rinker

A-Honors – Caroline Rinker, Kaylynn McKeague


6th Grade Champion – Kendall Erwin

6th Grade Reserve Champion – Abigail Gamble

A-Honors – Abigail Gamble, Lydia Grott, Kendall Erwin


7th Grade Champion – Robyn Ekovich

7th Grade Reserve Champion – Aubree Thomas

A-Honors – Floral Antrim, Robyn Ekovich, Aubree Thomas


Junior Grand Champion – Robyn Ekovich

Junior Reserve Grand Champion – Josie Gamble

4-H Consumer Clothing 2024 Results

Beginner Champion – Margaret Tomich

Beginner Reserve Champion – Rileigh Jones

A-Honors – Rileigh Jones, Kaylynn McKeague, Margaret Tomich

A’s – Olyvya Tello


Intermediate Champion – Charlotte Jones

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Rebecca Baker

A-Honors – Rebecca Baker, Charlotte Jones


Advanced Champion – David Symons

A-Honors – David Symons