Attorney General Curtis Hill announced he will work with the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police (Lodge #86) to build a bridge between police officers and the public. In May, the Indianapolis FOP launched a multifaceted initiative called #ThinkBigger aimed at educating the public about best practices for interacting with law enforcement. As part of its outreach mission, the Indianapolis FOP has pledged to contribute up to $25,000 to public education and awareness about “do’s and don’ts” during encounters such as traffic stops. The Indiana State FOP has endorsed the plan and agreed to contribute an additional $25,000. Among other proactive measures, the FOP plans to work with Indiana’s executive and legislative branches to produce new training protocols administered by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The goal would be to teach motorists how to conduct themselves during possible police interactions. Motivated by recent tragic events involving police-action shootings, the FOP aims to reduce the numbers of injuries and deaths associated with police incidents. Anyone with reason to suspect police misconduct should promptly report their suspicions at appropriate times and secure locations, away from confrontations that could prove dangerous to community members. When police are responding to emergency situations, individuals are always best-advised to cooperate with officers at the scene. Attorney General Hill anticipates further discussions with FOP officials about helping facilitate meaningful dialogue and productive programs throughout Indiana.