The Michigan City Parks & Recreation Department & The Michigan City Redevelopment Commission invites the community to attend the Ribbon Cutting for Grand Opening of the Bismarck Hill Restoration Project & Trail System on Saturday, June 16th at 9:00am. The Ribbon Cutting will be followed by an interpretive trail hike. Those attending are asked to meet at the Guy Foreman Bicentennial Amphitheatre in Washington Park, 6 on the Lake. The Park Department, with funding through the Michigan City Redevelopment Commission, conducted a restoration project on Bismarck Hill, a set of three sand dunes encompassing approximately 30 acres just east of the Washington Park Zoo. This project was designed to bring the dune back to its native state to protect this great natural resource in Michigan City. Native communities provide substantial benefits; long-term reduced maintenance costs, carbon footprint reduction, improved soil stability, excess nutrient filtration, storm-water runoff reduction, aesthetic enhancement, and increased habitat diversity for insects, birds, amphibians, and mammals.