South Shore Line passengers are advised that federal mask orders will remain in effect mandating the use of masks or face coverings for all SSL passengers and employees.  As announced on March 23rd, Governor Eric Holcomb will downgrade the state’s mask requirement to a mask advisory, effective April 6th. The governor encouraged citizens to continue to wear masks in public places and will continue to mandate masks within state properties.   

The SSL, along with other public transportation entities, says they must continue to abide by federal orders put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Transportation Security Administration that were set in February. The directives require the use of masks in all SSL stations and onboard trains throughout Indiana and Illinois. SSL employees will continue to strictly enforce the mandate, and passengers who do not comply with the mask mandate will be subject to removal from trains.   The South Shore Line is also reminding that per CDC recommendations, face masks should consist of two or more layers completely covering the face and nose (gaiters or bandannas may be folded to make two layers). If a passenger is in need of a mask, the SSL will continue to provide masks free of charge. Passengers are reminded to maintain 6-feet of social distance from other individuals onboard all trains and at stations. Pursuant to the CDC and TSA orders, certain passengers are exempt from the mask mandate, including passengers with medical/health issues and children under the age of two.