According to the town of Chesterton Officers Wednesday responded to an addiction treatment center on Indiana Boundary Road after a 30-year-old Chesterton man there began to crash following his use of heroin.
According to the CPD, officers responded to the scene at 7:11 p.m., where they found the man “close to passing out.”
When asked whether he had “taken anything recently,” the man advised that he’d snorted heroin about an hour earlier.
When the man’s “physical condition appeared to be getting worse,” he was transported by the CPD to the Franciscan Emergency Center on Indian Boundary Road, where he “appeared to continue to decline,” the CPD said.
Healthcare workers administered a dose of naloxone and the man subsequently began to stabilize, the CPD said.
“It should be noted that the health professionals could not locate a vein in (the man’s) arm to give him a shot,” the CPD said. “This is due to (the man’s) past heroin usage. Health professionals had to use a vein in (the man’s) shoulder.”
An overdose form was completed and forwarded to the Porter County Sheriff’s Police Heroin Overdose Response Team (HORT), the CPD