La Porte County Sheriff John T. Boyd is announcing the release of the 2020 Annual Report. The 2020 Annual Report contains crime related and statistical information in the following categories: calls for service, information in the areas of offenses, arrests, crashes, citations, the Jail Division, the Warrants Division, and the Civil Division. “This year’s annual report year reveals some major reductions in certain areas of major crimes, such as robberies and burglaries. However, just as there were some reductions, there were also increases in certain statistical areas,” stated Sheriff Boyd.
The number of calls for service in 2020 decreased by 8%. A total of 28,903 calls for service were handled by deputies of the Sheriff’s Office as compared to 31,288 calls for service in 2019. Offenses generating an incident report decreased by 29%. A total of 2,710 offenses were investigated in 2020 as compared to 3,805 in 2019.
Violent crime totals decreased by 4% in 2020. A total of 248 violent crimes were investigated in 2019 as compared to 237 during 2020. There was a 0% change in the number of homicides investigated by the Sheriff’s Office from 2019 to 2020, with three (3) being investigated each year. In the area of robbery, there was an 89% reduction (9 vs. 1). Sheriff Boyd stated, “We are very pleased with the sharp reduction in the amount of robberies. Robberies are violent crimes against an individual person that are very traumatic and dangerous,” stated Sheriff Boyd.
In 2020, a total of 1,061 subjects were arrested by deputies of the Sheriff’s Office. A total of 2,718 traffic citations were issued in 2020. A total of 5,285 traffic warnings were issued to motorists by Sheriff’s Office Deputies. Sheriff Boyd stated, “The total amount of citations issued versus the total amount of warnings issued reveals that deputies are using their discretion and applying it to correct the driving behaviors of motorists on all La Porte County roadways.”
A total of 1,176 traffic crashes were investigated in 2020, an 8% reduction from the previous year (2019-1,274). Of those, 240 personal injury crashes were investigated in 2020 as compared to 262 personal injury crashes investigated in 2019. Ten (10) fatality crashes were investigated in 2020 by deputies as compared to seven (7) in 2019. Alcohol related crashes investigated by deputies dramatically increased. In 2020, 75 alcohol related crashes were investigated as to compared to 24 in 2019, a 213% increase.
Sheriff Boyd stated, “While we are pleased with the reduction in the overall number of crashes and personal injury crashes, we are concerned about the rise in traffic fatalities and the sharp increase in alcohol related crashes. In 2021, while using a variety of means and resources, patrol deputies will make a concerted effort to reduce traffic fatalities and alcohol related crashes on La Porte County roadways.”
The Sheriff’s Office continues to pursue and receive federally funded grants from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. These grants allow additional deputies to be deployed at no additional cost to the taxpayers. In addition, select deputies are trained and now working the Domestic Highway Enforcement initiative, a program funded by federal monies and administered by Indiana HIDTA.
The La Porte County Jail booked in 3,231 subjects in 2020. The average daily population of inmates confined to the jail was 310. In January of 2020, the Sheriff’s Office contracted with and turned over operations of the kitchen to Tiger Correctional Services. A total of 384,495 meals were prepared by the Tiger Kitchen staff.
The Warrants Division processed a total of 2,903 criminal arrest warrants that were issued in 2020. A total of 2,068 criminal arrests warrants were served in 2020.
Transparency with the citizens of La Porte County remains a priority for the Sheriff’s Office. The entire annual report, along with the entire Jail Division annual report, will be published on the agency’s website: Sheriff Boyd added, “The citizens of La Porte County are encouraged to review the reports which provide valuable statistical information. The reports also provide the taxpaying citizens of the county an opportunity to educate themselves as to how their tax dollars are utilized. Both reports highlight the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office. The staff of the Sheriff’s Office remains committed to improving the safety and quality of life in La Porte County.”