The Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest (PNW) has partnered with Samuel Love, a social and civic practice artist, and South Shore Arts to offer entrepreneurship training for Northwest Indiana artists through the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) On-Ramp program. The Northwest Indiana organizing team is accepting interest forms from artists that may want to participate in the On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator.

“As a Regional Arts Partner of the Indiana Arts Commission, South Shore Arts is dedicated to promoting the arts and supporting development in Northwest Indiana. We are excited about IAC’s decision to expand their On-Ramp program so that it is more accessible to Indiana artists all around the state,” said Micah Bornstein, deputy director of South Shore Arts. “Personally, I love the opportunity to collaborate with both Purdue Northwest’s Society of Innovators and local artist Sam Love to facilitate this program in our region. I believe these types of collaborations are vital to the survival of both the arts and arts organizations. Programs like On-Ramp have the ability to transform lives and are difficult to implement without both the financial resources that IAC provides and the willingness of multiple organizations to devote time and capacity towards them.”

“The Society was formed on the foundation that anyone can be an innovator and that innovation can be found anywhere. The IAC’s On-Ramp program is an exciting opportunity to support and develop the ideas and innovation that exist in Northwest Indiana’s creative community,” added Jason Williams, managing director at the Society of Innovators at PNW.

On-Ramp provides artists with ways to enhance their business skills including professional coaching for the development of business plans or career goals; new connections with potential Indiana supporters, partners, or collaborators; and access to special funds to take them to the next level in career development.

“We are determined that Northwest Indiana artists get an opportunity to experience the curriculum, the financial support, and the community of artists that I did as a member of the 2019 On-Ramp cohort,” said Samuel Love, lead organizer for the On-Ramp program in Northwest Indiana.

The Northwest Indiana On-Ramp program will offer a three-day creative entrepreneur course in mid-August and will focus on strengthening business skills, career goals, and community engagement learning. Those who complete the course are also eligible for the On-Ramp fellowship, which includes up to $2,000 in project funding.

Applications for the On-Ramp program will open on May 10, but artists may submit a general interest form to receive important program updates and information about application workshops. More information can be found at