Ms. Robin Tillman, Director of Michigan City Transit has just completed The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Triennial Review of the City of Michigan City Transit. The review determines whether a recipient is administering its FTA-funded programs in accordance with 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53, Federal transit law provisions. It assesses the recipient’s management practices and program implementation to ensure that the programs are administered in accordance with FTA requirements and are meeting program objectives.
The City has to provide documentation on how our system coincides with what the Federal government requires. If we are not in compliance, they order corrective action in that area and issue a time frame when it has to be completed. These audits also effect funding we receive from the Federal Government and if we are not in compliance or have too many corrective actions, funding can be terminated.
What Ms. Tillman has accomplished is very rare to say the least. The FTA Region V Administrator, Kelley Brookins, John Potts of The DMP Group, and Representatives of Washington D.C. via zoom, acknowledged Director Tillman specifically. Robin Tillman was applauded for not only having no deficiencies in any areas, yet they also praised her reports and will use her as a model for other Transit systems to pattern from.
This is quite an honor for Director Tillman and the City of Michigan City. Mayor Parry and Central Services Director Cranston Harris, congratulate and appreciate Director Tillman’s hard work and dedication to the citizens of Michigan City.