City of La Porte residents will still be able to make use of the drive-thru Monday even though its entrance will be closed, according to Clerk-Treasurer Courtney Parthun.
The entrance to the drive-thru will be blocked off beginning Monday morning due to the demolition of a neighboring building. In order to provide access to the drive-thru for residents, cars will be permitted to enter the one-way alley from the wrong direction off of Monroe Street. Parthun said detour signs will be posted to alert residents of this change.
“With Monday being the due-date for our utility bills, we are doing our best to ensure residents can still access our drive-thru to make their payments,” Parthun said. “We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience, and thank our residents for their understanding.”
Parthun said residents can also make payments online or by phone. For more information on these options, visit or call (844) 916-1245.