The Michigan City Police Department was made aware of a potential threat at Michigan City High School this week that has also circulated on social media.
The Michigan City Police School Resource Officer, along with additional officers, are diligently investigating this incident. In an effort to be vigilant, security at the High School has been heightened to ensure the safety of all staff and students.
Police Chief Dion Campbell has issued the following statement:
The Michigan City Police Department is a dedicated partner with the Michigan City Area Schools in ensuring the safety of both staff and students. As Chief of Police, I personally understand the importance of maintaining high levels of security in the high school environment. Having proudly served as the School Resource Officer for close to 10 years, I have real life experience sustaining and promoting safe schools.
Mayor Duane Parry has continuously emphasized the importance of our commitment to safety at Michigan City High School. This commitment is evidenced by our placement of a dedicated and highly trained officer in the high school, who works alongside the MCHS administrative team.
All threats, whether real or perceived, are taken very seriously and activate a series of protocols that are designed to maintain the safety of the school environment. We have and will always respond with additional on-site officers, unannounced preventative safety searches, and heightened investigatory practices to ensure the well-being of all staff and students.