The National Park Service has created an audio version of Indiana Dunes National Park’s official map and guide, making it accessible to visitors who have visual impairments and cannot read the printed version.

The audio description can be accessed by visiting the Audio Described Brochure webpage on the park’s website, or by downloading the UniDescription mobile app on both Apple and Android devices. Audio files of the park’s brochure are available for download as well. The apps provide park brochures in acoustic media, designed for people who are blind, visually impaired, print dyslexic, or who prefer learning through sound.

The project was facilitated through a combined effort of local and other park employees, one of which is legally blind, along with the help from a fully blind and experienced volunteer who has helped with other national park’s audio described brochures.
Park employees were trained under the National Park Service’s Descriptathon program which helped give them the writing tools and database needed to make this possible. It was the 8th installment of the Desriptathon program, run by UniD.

To view the audio described brochure online, and to download the new UniD app, visit the Indiana Dunes National Park’s website