This month, calls from scammers to area homes and businesses posing as NIPSCO employees have sharply risen, the company says.

Recent, and common reports from NIPSCO residential and business customers state that they have received calls and texts from people claiming to be NIPSCO employees and demanding payment to avoid their service being disconnected.

NIPSCO says it wants to emphasize that the company never demands immediate payment via prepaid card, or in cash at a person’s residence or place of business. Scammers have even presented information that only the customer may know in an attempt to gain their trust, according to the company.

Additionally, NIPSCO says if a customer receives a suspicious call, email or home visit, they should immediately verify their account status at or contact NIPSCO’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-464-7726.

NIPSCO says that customers should not call any number they are given and if a customer is a victim of a scam, they should report it to their local police.

For more information on authorized, secure payment methods and locations, visit: .