Mayor of Michigan City Duane Parry released the following statement on phase two of snow removal:
Our crews from the Street Department, Central Maintenance, Sanitation, Refuse, Park, Water, Fire and Police, have been working tirelessly since the onset of the forecasted snow event. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience as the City Ordinance 94-253 requires removing snow and ice from Major Arteries and Snow Routes first.
We experienced rapid snowfall with continual drifting making it difficult for our crews to keep up.
Today we begin with all of our City crews in neighborhoods completing secondary streets, Bus Stops, and cul-de-sacs as phase two of the snow removal continues. Our Transit Department will resume full-service tomorrow morning (Friday) at 6:30am. Beginning at 7:00am tomorrow 2-4-22, we will put in affect the “snow removal condition”.
Just so everyone understands two (2) following conditions shall be in effect:
1.No vehicle shall park on a street identified by a street sign as a “snow route.”
A “snow route” is a street heavily traveled and a necessary thoroughfare for the movement of traffic in the City.
2.If your street is not designated as a “snow route,” then parking shall be banned on your street according to the following schedule per City Ordinance:
Even-numbered days of the week: No parking shall be permitted on that side of the street with even numbered addresses from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. For example, if you live at 102 Main St., which is an even address, you may not park on your side of the street on an even-numbered day of the week (i.e.: 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc….).
Odd-numbered days of the week: No parking shall be permitted on that side of the street with odd numbered addresses from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. For example, if you live at 103 Main St., which is an odd address, you may not park on your side of the street on an odd-numbered day of the week (i.e.: 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc….).
The Michigan City Police will be assisting in this effort to notify residents to move vehicles as we work in neighborhoods to clear roadways of snow from curb to curb.
There are numerous City lots that can be utilized for off-street parking, and it is recommended that you move your vehicle from a city lot once the snow has ended.