The Valparaiso Police have expanded their Emergency Medical Responder Program, with the addition of six certified officers, which also includes two certified Emergency Medical Technicians within the sworn personnel.  The program originated in 2020 at the Valparaiso Police Department, with seven officers being certified.

The importance of this program is shared by Chief Jeff Balon, who stated, “I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Valparaiso Police Department who have become a certified Emergency Medical Responder.  This is a division that has grown into the largest number EMR’s in the region, totaling 12 on a single department.  EMR’s are invaluable to a police agency (and community) because the EMR police officer will carry advanced medical kits which allow them to render immediate lifesaving treatment during a critical incident, while awaiting the arrival of an advance life support ambulance.”

The partnership with Valparaiso Fire in creating this program is critical, as Chief Balon added, “I would like to thank the Valparaiso Fire Department for their expertise in certifying our officers.  I believe that it is extremely important for our public safety entities to partner on projects that only enhance the safety of our communities.  In the past, VPD and VFD have partnered in training to include active shooter scenarios, school safety, stop the bleed and the VPD drone program.  I look forward to our future partnerships, which include developing a rescue swimmer program and having the VPD social worker assist VFD in certain circumstances. “