The Indiana State Police – Lowell Post announced that troopers working the midnight shift made 526 arrests for impaired driving in 2021. 

Trooper Israel Rosillo led the way with 111 arrests, followed by Trooper Jordin Bilthuis with 94 and Trooper Kevin Council with 83.  These statistics include arrests for alcohol offenses, as well as drug offenses to include operating under the influence of marijuana and other illegal drugs.  Several of these arrests also involved vehicle crashes that involved injuries to either the arrestee or an innocent person. 

The Indiana State police say that while they are proud of the efforts put forth by troopers in making Indiana roadways safe, the number is also concerning.  The Indiana State Police encourages everyone to have a designated, sober driver that does not consume any alcoholic beverages. Indiana State Police say that they often encounter a designated driver that has given in to the temptation and winds up being impaired themselves.  Police also say to have a plan in place before you consume alcoholic beverages whether it be a designated driver, ride-share or a friend picking you up.