The Town of Chesterton is currently preparing for the spring 2022 tree planting season and would like residents’ help in choosing planting locations, according to their Facebook page.

The Town of Chesterton says the Street Department is in the process of applying for a U.S. Forest Service grant to plant up to 35 trees this April. Trees would be free to residents who qualify and planted by the Street Department. This is Chesterton’s 27th consecutive year as a Tree City USA designee and the annual goal is to plant—at a minimum—as many trees as were removed the year before.

“If you reside in the Town of Chesterton, you’re eligible to receive a tree (or trees) so long as those trees are planted on the public parkway in locations free of overhead and underground utilities. The preferred planting area will be in the residential areas around the Downtown—where many trees have been lost—but sites elsewhere in town will be considered.”

Full details along with a link to register is provided on the Town of Chesterton Facebook page.