The Ogden Dunes Police Department has given an update regarding the recent bridge outage.  

The inspection has revealed issues that require immediate repair. Chief of Police Jeremy Ogden says that he has spoken with the Chiefs of NICTD, Portage and National Park Service Rangers and they are all working together to get through this inconvenience. Ogden says that NICTD is aware of the situation and will minimize trains blocking the entrance. Officers will move the barricades in the event of an emergency.

For safety, the council has authorized extra patrols that will be stationed at the entrance to the community to direct the semi traffic. 

Police are asking the public to allow the semi’s the time and space needed to make their wide turns onto the frontage road. They ask to not pass the semi’s while turning. “This will result in enforcement action.” They also say to be aware of incoming semi’s. “Stop and allow the semi to make the turn. It is imperative to get the semi’s over the tracks and on their way as quickly as possible. Giving them adequate space to do so is the key here.”

Chief Ogden says he will be able to provide further information regarding the repairs that are needed and long-term goals.

Ogden reminds the public that they are not without an emergency exit.