Lisa Harlow, Sex and Violent Offender Registry Coordinator for the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) is being recognized for her role in overseeing the county’s registered sex and violent offenders. Later this week, OffenderWatch will recognize Harlow for excellence in meeting the sex offender registry (SOR) objectives and including a high level of descriptive information in offender records, which helps improve critical investigations. Harlow ensures complete, accurate and comprehensive offender records; tracks offenders moving in and out of the county; and promotes interagency cooperation with the U.S. Marshals Service investigating and locating absconded offenders.
The LCSO uses OffenderWatch, the nation’s leading sex offender registry management partner, to keep track of registered sex offenders, often using the system to aid in investigations and proactively improve public safety. Harlow was one of 58 chosen to receive the award out of 15,000 OffenderWatch users from more than 4,000 agencies.
“We are extremely proud of Lisa for being among the Top .4% of OffenderWatch users,” said Sheriff John T. Boyd. “She has continually worked behind the scenes to manage and coordinate all of the sex offender registrants in La Porte County. Her innovative and efficient use of the network saves our agency many hours and is an excellent example of the quality of service she gives daily.”
“It is apparent that public safety is a top priority in La Porte County with Lisa Harlow and the staff working together to go above and beyond what’s required by state law,” said Mike Cormaci, president of OffenderWatch. “At OffenderWatch, our goal is to provide agencies, with their limited resources, the best tools and practices to help increase efficiency and save man hours. It is our elite users like Harlow that make the power of the network stronger and helps provide the public with all of the information necessary to help prevent the unthinkable.”
The LCSO is responsible for managing, tracking and verifying registered sex offenders in La Porte County. The LCSO is also responsible for notifying the public of registered sex offenders.
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