Michigan City Area Schools has announced a new partnership with Diversity Squared, aimed at connecting graduating high school seniors to employment and other post-secondary opportunities in the region. The “City Connect” program will supplement existing school counseling efforts, serving approximately 50 Michigan City High School seniors who have not established firm post-graduation plans. Diversity Squared, a consulting firm with strong workforce preparation and placement experience, will assist these students through one-on-one and small-group sessions, helping them determine next steps aligned with their areas of interest.
City Connect activities include:
Workshops focused on soft skills, work ethic, and related skills to ensure students’ readiness for the workplace, military, or community college.
 Small-group sessions to promote awareness of job-placement opportunities and high-demand fields in Michigan City and surrounding areas.
 Guest speakers and field trips to area businesses for first-hand observations and connections with potential employers.
 Tours of Ivy Tech, along with information about industry certifications and training programs such as Next Level Jobs and Crossing the Finish Line.
Assistance with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and information about financial aid options for post-secondary education.
“The pandemic limited in-person connections between counselors and students, and it also limited activities that would have raised students’ awareness of state career training initiatives and
opportunities in the local employment market,” said MCAS Superintendent Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins. “This program will help ensure these students are on track for success.” “Employers have indicated that they are eager to hire Michigan City students,“ said Angie Nelson Deuitch, President of Diversity Squared. “Students may not realize that these opportunities are out there. We are excited to help make these connections, which will benefit our students and our community for years to come.”
Companies and organizations interested in participating in the program or providing opportunities for graduating seniors should contact Diversity Squared at (219) 321-0005 or info@diversity-squared.com.