BBB serving Northern Indiana has issued a warning for consumers about Indiana Michigan Power imposter calls. The BBB says that scams like this have been reported across the U.S. targeting various utility customers and companies.

BBB serving Northern Indiana has received multiple reports of imposter scams posing as Indiana Michigan Power. Scam artists are reportedly calling I&M customers and claiming the utility user is behind on their bill. The caller states that if the customer doesn’t pay their past-due bill immediately, their services will be disconnected.

The victim is often instructed to call a different number to arrange payment. The scammers may also ask for account information or personal credit card and banking information from customers.

The BBB says that it’s common for scammers to “spoof” telephone numbers to appear as different numbers. In some cases, a call may appear to be from the actual I&M phone number. The BBB is reminding the public that I&M does not call customers demanding immediate payment or disconnecting service without prior written warning. Consumers receiving these scam calls are urged to call the I&M customer service line at 800-311-4634.