NIPSCO on Wednesday announced that work to close its five coal ash ponds at the company’s Michigan City Generating Station has begun.

Coal ash is the material that remains when coal is burned to generate electricity. NIPSCO says this is similar to the leftover material when wood is burned in a fire.

The work that has been outlined will meet the 2023 deadline required by the Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) rule and it is another step forward in the company’s previously announced plans to retire the Michigan City Generating Station.

The project work is expected to last through December of 2022. NIPSCO says it will continue to work with IDEM to ensure that closure plans comply with all state and federal requirements and will coordinate future work with local Michigan City and LaPorte County officials. NIPSCO has confirmed that controls will be in place to ensure the work is being conducted safely.

Learn more about NIPSCOs plan to close its ash ponds in Michigan City,and additional information visit and reference CCR Data.