The South Shore Line announced Monday that in order to accommodate a scheduled rail delivery in relation to the Double Track NWI project, the South Shore Line will bus midday passengers to stations between Carroll Ave. and Gary/Chicago Airport (Clark Rd.), effective Tuesday through Thursday, May 19. The Gary busing is in addition to ongoing busing between Carroll Avenue and Dune Park stations.

-Weekday westbound trains 14, 116, 18, 118, 20

-Weekday eastbound trains 7, 107, 9, 109, 11, 111

Buses will arrive and depart with passengers to match our published train schedule between Carroll Ave. and Gary/Chicago Airport. Westbound passengers should be prepared to board buses in front of Carroll Ave. Station and re-board westbound South Shore trains at Gary. Eastbound passengers will detrain at Gary to board buses, and board their scheduled eastbound trains again at Carroll Ave.