Michigan City Police Officer Zanda Chavez was recently commended for her actions and received a Life Saving Award from the MCPD.

The incident took place on Sunday February 27, at around 6 a.m. Officers responded to the 200 Block of Pleasant Avenue for a report of someone attempting to break into the residence. Officers spoke with the caller near the rear of the residence while others continued to canvas the area for the suspect. Then, officers learned from witnesses that the subject was wanted out of Illinois for a parole violation. As the officers continued their search, they observed a subject on the roof of a residence. Officers set up a perimeter and contacted the individual. The subject immediately began pacing on the rooftop and made remarks about finding a knife and hurting themselves. The subject got more excited and continually paced back and forth on the roof as officers began to speak with them. The subject then proceeded to grab a broken piece of glass and pressed it into the side of their neck, causing a laceration. The wound immediately began to bleed and covered the subject’s neck and hands in blood. The subject continued to talk about harming themselves and continued pace around, nearly falling off the roof several times. As officers continued to speak with the subject, it was apparent that the laceration was severe due to the amount of blood dripping onto the roof and ground. Officer Zanda Chavez, then gained the attention of the subject and began to build a rapport with them. Chavez continued dialogue with the individual and they began to calm their demeanor. Officer Chavez was able to move closer to the subject, near an upstairs window, offering them a way to help resolve their situation. As Chavez continued to speak with the individual, they repeatedly stated that they wanted to die and apologized to family members that were present. The subject continued to hold the piece of glass and continually made motions towards cutting their wrists. Chavez continually showed concern for the individuals’ injuries and current situation, and after 30-40 minutes the subject indicated to Chavez that they would come off the roof. The subject came off the roof to a waiting Chavez and was transported to Franciscan Health Michigan City for treatment.

MCPD credited Chavez’s actions in concert with fellow Officers, firefighters and EMS personnel, to saving the life of the individual and prevented the escalation of a highly stressful life or death situation.

MCPD said “The actions of Officer Chavez are in keeping with the highest standards of the Michigan City Police Department. Officer Zanda Chavez was recently commended for her actions and received a Life-Saving Award presented by Chief of Police Dion Campbell and Asst. Chief of Services Jillian Ashley.”