The Portage Police Department Friday congratulated Lieutenant Ross Haynes #93 on his retirement from the Portage Police Department. 

Lt. Haynes began his career with the City of Portage on July 19, 1992, Throughout his career, Lt. Haynes served in numerous roles from patrol officer, instructor, field training officer, supervisor, SWAT Team member, and administrator while holding the rank of Captain of the Patrol Division.

As an instructor Haynes was state certified to teach firearms and physical tactics. Certifications that he put to good use, providing the highest quality of training not only to members of the Portage Police Department but to other police agencies in the region as well as the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Lt. Haynes is credited with being a driving force in the creation of the agency’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team in 1996.  A team which he eventually rose to assume the position of unit Commander.  Lt. Haynes also spent four years assigned to the United States Marshals Service – Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force where he received accolades from his supervisors.

The Portage Police Department says that during his career Lt. Haynes was the recipient of at least twenty-four Chief’s Commendations in addition to three Honorable Service Awards, two Exceptional Service Awards, and one Life Saving Award.

Near the end of his career Lt. Haynes returned to the Patrol Division. 

The PPD stated, “This retirement was not planned but due to injuries sustained in the line of duty as well as other health matters he was no longer able to continue within the profession loves and has dedicated his life to. Lt. Haynes’ contributions to this department and law enforcement in general are immeasurable.  He will be missed by many and we are thankful his hard work, dedication, perseverance, and leadership.  We wish him the best as he enters this next chapter of his life.”