Governor Eric Holcomb has appointed La Porte’s David Christian to the Indiana Toll Road Oversight Board at the recommendation of Northern Indiana Advocates (NIA).  The Indiana Finance Authority (IFA), INDOT, and the Indiana Toll Road Oversight Board appointed by the Governor retain oversight responsibility on behalf of the State of Indiana to assure that ITRCC operates and maintains the Toll Road in accordance with the terms of the lease.

“I am honored to have been recommended by NIA and appointed to serve on the Indiana Toll Road Oversight Board by Governor Holcomb,” said Christian. “I have been fortunate to serve the State of Indiana and the northern region of our state in a variety of capacities over the years and I look forward to serving in this new capacity.  The Indiana Toll Road is an important transportation corridor and I want to help ensure that it continues to drive economic impact to our region and to the state.”

According to Mike Daigle, Northern Indiana Advocates Indiana State Board and Commission’s Committee Chair, NIA coordinated with the Governor’s office to make this appointment possible. 

“We appreciate the Governor’s office and their willingness to work with Northern Indiana Advocates,” said Daigle.“ We are proud to be able to help them identify a pool of qualified candidates to be considered for these influential and vital State Boards and Commissions.” 

“This shows that NIA’s work continues to gain traction in ensuring that the voices of the Northern part of the State are making an impact on regional prosperity and quality of life,” said Daigle.

In regard to working with NIA on this board appointment, Michael Nossett, Deputy General Counsel with Governor Holcomb’s Office stated, “On behalf of the Governor, we are grateful for and excited about NIA’s efforts to help Hoosiers across Northern Indiana learn more about engaging in public service with the state’s boards and commissions.”

Jack Arnett, Executive Director of the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau stated, “Getting LaPorte County and Northern Indiana positioned for these type of statewide board and commission appointments has been our goal from day one.  The Indiana Toll Road is a huge economic driver for Northern Indiana and having one of our own in this position is long overdue.

“Having our local legislators teamed up with legislators across northern Indiana on our behalf is a huge advantage in bringing home tax dollars to northern Indiana and in getting these important board and commission appointments. We appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

“A special thanks to Mayor Tom Dermody and Attorney Shaw Friedman for co-chairing our NIA regional advisory board – the driving force behind these efforts. We expect to see many more announcements like this coming in the near future.”

NIA says it has also successfully identified, vetted, and submitted eleven candidates to the Governor’s office. Each of the candidates have been additionally vetted by the Governor’s office. Five candidates have already been placed on an Indiana Board or Commission and the remaining six are expected to be placed on a Board or Commission soon.