A La Porte Community School Corporation bus driver beat the odds after needing his leg amputated due to complications of COVID-19 last fall.

“Don’t ever give up,” was the message delivered by Jim Hines, at the Aug. 15 staff opening day event. Superintendent Dr. Mark Francesconi introduced Hines and asked him to share his story.

Last Fall, Jim contracted COVID-19 and suffered symptoms so severe that his friends and family prepared for the worst. Against all odds, he recovered, but not before having his lower right leg amputated due to complications.

Within two months of his amputation, Jim was fully functioning with a prosthetic leg. He astonished his therapists, who never saw a patient bounce back with such tenacity.

On the last day of school, Jim returned to see his students and ride the bus. Jim explained to his colleagues that things happen to us every day that give us reasons to quit, but it is worthwhile to remember why we pick ourselves up and keep coming back. He credited the love and support from his wife, Barbara, as well as the outpouring of support from the school community.