The Lake County Sheriff’s Department is addressing incidents where several animals were dropped off unattended at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control and Adoption Center.

Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. announced on Friday that over the past week and a half, seven animals had been dropped off outside of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control and Adoption Center and left unattended.

Martinez stated. “We truly care about pets. People who abandon them put them at risk of attack by predators, wandering into traffic or getting hurt or killed in various other ways. Anyone who wants to leave pets at our facility must enter the building and speak with a staff member first.”

This past Thursday, Sept. 8, at around 7:25 a.m., Animal Control and Adoption Center staff found two cats which were left in a small crate outside of the building. Surveillance images show a female believed to be associated with the incident.

On Tuesday Sept. 6, surveillance cameras captured images of a male leaving a dog in the parking lot at around 3:15 p.m. The dog was found to have medical issues.

Martinez went on to say that, “Caring for unwanted pets and helping them find forever homes is a mission we truly take to heart. Anyone with questions on how to surrender a pet safely can reach Animal Control & Adoption by calling (219) 769-7016.”

“Our community has been so generous in partnering with us to give animals a second chance at happy lives with families who can care for them.
We appreciate your assistance with our efforts to provide safe shelter for pets in crisis.”