The DNR is stocking channel catfish at several locations this fall.

The DNR says it will stock 147 locations with approximately 63,742.

To provide additional angling opportunities, the DNR annually stocks channel catfish statewide in publicly accessible waters. All locations should be stocked by the end of October or early November.

The channel catfish range in size from 8-10 inches. Once stocked, these fish acclimate to their new environment quickly and don’t take long to start biting. Anglers are encouraged to harvest the catfish, as they make great table fare.

Anglers interested in harvesting channel catfish need to follow bag and size restrictions. In most lakes and reservoirs, the statewide regulation is 10 channel catfish per day in lakes, with no more than one being longer than 28 inches; however, there are a few lakes that have a different bag limit. They are listed at under Special Regulations Waters.

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