Nearly 70,000 fingerling walleyes are planned to be stocked by DNR during the next few weeks in 14 northern Indiana lakes.

The fingerlings being stocked average 4 to 7 inches long. Adult walleye typically reach 14 inches in length after two years of growth and 16 inches by their third year.

These walleye were purchased from Gollon Bait and Fish Farm and grown at Fawn River State Fish Hatchery.

Lakes and (county) to be stocked include:

  •         Adams (LaGrange)
  •         Pretty Lake (LaGrange)
  •         Big Turkey (Steuben)
  •         Simonton (Elkhart)
  •         Crooked Lake (Steuben)
  •         Sylvan Lake (Noble)
  •         Clear Lake (Steuben)
  •         Shriner Lake (Whitley)
  •         Dewart (Kosciusko)
  •         Winona Lake (Kosciusko)
  •         Maxinkuckee (Marshall)
  •         Wall Lake (LaGrange)
  •         Pine/Stone Lakes (LaPorte)
  •         Wolf Lake (Lake)


Many of these locations are stocked with fingerlings every fall to sustain the walleye population because the species’ natural reproduction is limited in these waters. A few locations are stocked on alternate years to improve walleye fishing at a broader geographic range. In addition to the fall walleye stockings, walleye fry (1 inch) and fingerlings (1.5 to 2 inches) were stocked this spring at an additional 15 lakes.

To evaluate the spring and fall walleye stockings, biologists conduct nighttime walleye surveys during October. These surveys evaluate stocking success and growth from previous stockings.

In addition to these lakes, multiple other lakes are stocked with walleyes by privately funded lake associations. A stocking permit from DNR is required to stock fish.

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