“The LaPorte County Board of Elections held a public meeting on Tuesday to address the primary candidate challenges put forth by the Democratic and Republican Party Chairs. It is the sole responsibility of the Chairs to ensure the voting record of a candidate aligns with the party they claim to represent. A candidate is only eligible to represent the party if the last two primaries they pulled align with the chosen party. Two candidates, Edward Hueston and Todd Saturday were removed from the ballot on the basis of their voting record.
In addition, Angie Henzman, the Democratic Party Chairwoman brought a challenge based on the need for clarification. The challenge was to determine whether the “Rodney McCormick” who filed as a Democrat was Rodney McCormick Jr. or Rodney McCormick Sr., who was not eligible to run as a Democrat on the basis of his voting record. Henzman requested clarification because Rodney McCormick Sr. announced publicly at the last City Council Meeting that he was running, which caused widespread confusion. Rodney McCormick Jr. was not present at today’s Election Board meeting. However, when asked if he had filed to run for office, Rodney McCormick Sr. clearly responded “No”, therefore confirming that Rodney McCormick Jr. is, in fact, the Democratic Candidate in question. With this much needed clarification, Rodney McCormick Jr. will be allowed to remain on the ballot.”