The Town of Chesterton is seeking an Indiana READI grant to help fund new police station, according to the Town of Chesterton Facebook page.

The Town of Chesterton stated, “In 2021, the Northwest Indiana Forum (NIF) received $50 million from Gov. Eric Holcomb’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) program, a $500-million effort to jump-start economic development and place-making in 17 regions throughout the State of Indiana.

“Now Gov. Holcomb is proposing what he’s called “a ‘READI Repeat’ or a ‘READI 2.0’ or a ‘READI Redo,’” including $500 million in his budget to make it so.”

The Town of Chesterton says it is hopeful of being the recipient of a portion of those funds to build the new police station.

Town Council President Sharon Darnell, announced Monday that she and Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann are now assembling materials for a grant application package.

The town stated, “Up to $2.5 million of the $3,180,683.49 which the Town of Chesterton received in American Rescue Plan Act funds (ARPA) would be used as a match for the grant.”

See the Town of Chesterton Facebook page for more details on this story.