An investigation into gunshots being fired is ongoing in La Porte.

On Feb. 24 at around 11:48 p.m., officers were dispatched to the area of Toronado Drive and Mustang Drive in reference to a shots fired call. Responding officers found three spent round casings laying near the intersection of Toronado and Mustang.

Responding officers were able to retrieve video surveillance from a nearby residence. The video surveillance showed a vehicle driving through the intersection when shots being fired could be heard. Due to the video surveillance’s quality, officers were unable to determine characteristics of the vehicle. The vehicle left the area Northbound on “I” Street. Less than an hour later more shots were heard coming from the area of Andrew Avenue which is further west of this location.

Officers were unable to find any vehicles, residences or any other items struck by gunfire that night.

Patrol officers and the Detective Bureau searched the area the following day in the daylight for bullet holes. Detectives searched residences, fences, trees, vehicles and other items, but were unable to locate any bullet holes or damage. The Detective Bureau searched the neighborhood for further video surveillance, however, no other video surveillance was triggered to record the vehicle as it drove down the road.

The case is open and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact SGT Det. Matthew Drangmeister at 219-362-9446, ext. 209.