The City of Valparaiso is celebrating trees with upcoming tree planting events and inviting the community to get involved.

“As we look ahead to both Arbor Day and Earth Day, we wanted to mark these special days with tree plantings that gather neighbors and add to Valparaiso’s urban forest,” said Matt McBain, certified arborist for the City of Valparaiso. “We look forward to seeing the community come out and learn more about how to add value to their spaces and improve the environment by planting trees,” he said.

At each event, McBain will offer information about how to plant trees for long-term success,
recommended tree varieties for Valparaiso growing conditions and the benefits of planting trees. “For these plantings, we’ll be using a variety of trees, including Northern Pecan, Sweetgum, White Oak, Kentucky Coffee Tree, and Lilac, diversifying the landscape and adding a nice variety of colors throughout the seasons. In total, nearly 70 trees will be planted in the spring of 2023,” he said.

“We’re so pleased to be able to fund tree planting events like these through our Neighborhood
Improvement Grant program, which brings neighbors together to create their own wish lists and plans for projects,” said Maggie Clifton, Valparaiso’s Community Engagement Director. “Both Jessee-Pifer and Banta neighborhoods came together to plan these plantings which will enhance their streets for decades to come,” she said.

The community is invited to attend the following planting events:

Earth Day, Saturday, April 22 in the Jessee-Pifer neighborhood
• 9:30 am – noon
• Gathering at Jessee-Pifer Park (400 Elmhurst Ave.), Certified Arborist Matt McBain will offer aplanting demonstration and then volunteers will plant throughout the neighborhood

Arbor Day, Saturday, April 29 in the Banta neighborhood
• 9:30 am – noon
• Gathering at Banta Center (605 Beech St.), Certified Arborist Matt McBain will offer a planting
demonstration and then volunteers will plant throughout the neighborhood
• Resource tables hosted by local environmental organizations and a family-friendly craft will also be on site

Valparaiso City crews will also be out planting trees during the spring season and volunteers may sign up to assist. To learn more about the Earth Day and Arbor Day events as well as other volunteer tree planting opportunities, contact Matt McBain at Valparaiso City Services, (219) 462-6174, ext. 4022 or