The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is stocking nearly 50,000 trout across the state this spring in preparation for trout fishing season.

Thirty-three bodies of water across 21 counties will be stocked before opening day of trout season on Saturday, April 29.

Lake stockings of rainbow trout started the week of March 20.

“Anglers do not have to wait for opening day of stream trout fishing season to fish for these aggressive biters because trout fishing on lakes is open all year, the DNR said in a news release.

For streams, 18,000 rainbow trout are expected to be stocked by the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife in the weeks leading up to opening day, the first day anglers can legally catch trout from streams.

“Trout bite a variety of artificial baits such as spinners and flies, but natural baits such as worms and bee moths tend to be the most popular,” the DNR said.

To find a stocked stream near you, see the 2023 trout stocking plan at

In addition to the rainbow trout stockings, several bodies of water in the north will receive brown trout stockings.

“The bag limit for trout in inland waters other than Lake Michigan and its tributaries is five per day with a minimum size of 7 inches,” the DNR said. “No more than one of an angler’s catch can be a brown trout. Any harvested brown trout caught below the Brookville tailwater or from Oliver, Olin, or Martin lakes must be 18 inches or larger.”

To fish for trout, anglers age 18 and older must have an Indiana fishing license and a trout/salmon stamp.

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