The Michigan City Police Department made the following statement regarding gun violence and increased patrols:

“Across the United States gun violence is a topic being discussed by neighbors, community leaders, law enforcement, politicians and media outlets. It is a topic that affects everyone and no one is immune from the potential devastating consequences such as loss of life, serious injury and property damage. According to the not-for-profit corporation, Gun Violence Archive (, there have been 6,893 gun violence deaths in this country from January 1 to May 17, 2023. This number is comprised of the deaths categorized as Homicide, Murder, Unintentional and Defensive Use. May 17th is the 137th day of 2023 which means, mathematically, 50.31 people lose their lives each day in just these four categories.

“Michigan City has suffered the effects of gun violence in 2023. There has been a life lost; there have been injuries and there has been property damage due to gun violence. To date, Officers have responded to 183 calls for shots being fired in town. Michigan City is better than this.

“Over the past weeks and months, Chief Forker and his administrative team have met with community leaders, community members and other law enforcement agencies to discuss gun violence and how to stop it in this community. The residents of Michigan City, along with the visitors, deserve to enjoy all the amenities Michigan City has to offer without having to hear gunshots being fired or being afraid.

“The leadership of area law enforcement agencies agreed to provide additional resources to achieve the goal of no more gunshots, no more injuries and no more loss of life due to gun violence. Increased proactive patrols will be taking place to specifically address those that chose to illegally possess and discharge firearms throughout Michigan City. Moreover, these increased patrols will help to ensure community residents and visitors alike can enjoy the Michigan City amenities.

“Chief Forker and his administrative team express their gratitude to the community leaders and community members who provided their time and thoughts to help address this issue. They also wish to thank the area law enforcement agencies for providing additional resources to make this initiative possible. Those agencies are the Indiana State Police, Laporte County Sheriff’s Department, Long Beach Police Department, LaPorte City Police Department and the Trail Creek Police Department.”