A late-night call on May 25 in Porter County for a carbon monoxide alarm sent the homeowner to the hospital after high levels of toxic gas were detected. Liberty Township firefighters had later learned the homeowner was feeling ill, consistent with anyone who had been exposed to prolonged exposure of carbon monoxide.

Firefighters were immediately met at the door of the residence with their gas detectors activating alerting them to the presence of toxic gas. The investigating firefighters retreated to put on appropriate personal protective equipment consisting of a self-contained breathing apparatus that allows them to breathe fresh clean air. Firefighters rescued the homeowner’s dog who was still inside.

The homeowner made the right decision to call 911 early and have the residence inspected before going to sleep. Carbon monoxide as high as 300 ppm were found in the basement before the residence was aired out and levels were back to zero.

Firefighters are reminding the public that a simple check of your carbon monoxide detector at least twice a year can help save someone’s life. The detector in this homeowner’s residence alerted and saved her life.