The Michigan City Police Department on Friday made the following announcement regarding a new community camera registry:

“In response to community concerns about crime in the Michigan City neighborhoods, Chief Steve Forker and his administrative team are pleased to announce a new feature to assist members of the community in providing video footage of crimes being committed. Security cameras, ring doorbell cameras and the like are wisely utilized by numerous community members as a means of home security. Should someone attempt to break into your home or vehicle, those using security cameras will most likely have a video recording of the suspect.

“A camera registry portal is now available with the Michigan City Police Department. By registering your cameras, it helps MCPD investigate incidents near your location and helps investigators get in touch with you in case of a criminal incident near you. Registering your home security cameras helps keep your community safe.

“Access to the Camera Registry is easy; simply create an account by copying the link below into your browser or scanning the QR Code. Once registered you will be able to receive messages from the police department. For example, if multiple vehicles were being broken into in a neighborhood the police department may send a message to your secure account asking you to check your cameras for any video footage of the suspects. It is important to note that registering for this feature does NOT allow the police department access to your home surveillance cameras. It only allows us to send you a request for video and then enables MCPD to provide a link for you to manually upload video footage and/or send and receive messages. There is no cost to register for this feature and registration is completely voluntary.

“Please use the link below or scan the QR code for the Michigan City Police Department Camera Registry.