Update from the La Porte County Prosecutor’s office:
On July 19th, the Laporte County Prosecutor’s Office secured two Guilty verdicts against Kyle Earley for Murder. Over the course of a 3 day trial, Deputy Prosecutors Sarah Konieczny and Doug Shaw presented the evidence to a jury, and secured Guilty verdicts for the murders of John and Denis Earley.
Prosecuting Attorney Sean Fagan said, ‘When you have great people, you get great results. Doug and Sarah, along with Chief Deputy Chuck Watterson, worked this case tirelessly, and thanks to their dedication, they secured justice on behalf of the State of Indiana and the Earley family.’
Mr. Fagan also said, ‘My office couldn’t have done this w/o the thorough investigation done by the Laporte County Sheriff’s Office, the Long Beach Police Department, and the Michigan City PD. Sgt. Scott Boswell (LCSO) was a great asset for the investigation and for presenting this case, along with so many others.