Press release by Michigan City Area Schools:

While most students were taking a break from the academic rigors of the classroom, the cadets of Michigan City High School (MCHS) Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) were supporting Michigan City Area Schools (MCAS), the community, and preparing for the upcoming school year by improving themselves.  The cadets participated in a Leadership Camp in Wisconsin which was conducted by MCHS and attended by three other MCJROTC schools.   Among the community service activities that the cadets supported were a recycling and food drive at the Members Advantage Credit Union, the Michigan City Patriotic Parade, and the Citywide Back to School Rally, which provided free school supplies to Michigan City students of all grade levels.

MCHS also sent cadets to the National Military Drill Camp at Schreiner University near San Antonio, Texas and the MCJROTC Senior Leadership Camp in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. Additionally, the Senior Marine Instructor, Major Tom McGrath, attended the MCJROTC Raider Instructor Course in Pennsylvania. “Besides the personal leadership development of our cadets, the objective is to help our Drill Team to be more competitive and to start a Raider team,” said McGrath. . MCHS will start a Raider team and will host a meet on October 28th.

Master Sergeant Jeff Benak, the Marine Instructor, said that the goal is to qualify for the national championship in each activity. “These events are very competitive.  But I think we have a good nucleus to work toward making it to Washington, DC for the National Drill Championship and to Pennsylvania for the National Raider Championship.”

The National Drill Championship is in late April and the National Raider Championship is in late March. These trips, like all MCJROTC activities, are done at no cost to the school or cadet. They are funded by the Marine Corps.

The cadets will continue to support MCAS and the community during the school year.  Among the activities in August are the MCHS Freshman Orientation, the Superintendent’s speech to instructional staff to open the school year, and the MCHS home football games.