A man has been charged after a stand-off with Porter Police on Monday.

In the evening hours, an officer attempted to contact a motorist who was operating a vehicle with a broken tail-light and loud exhaust. The vehicle pulled into a driveway in the 200 block of Franklin Street. The driver of the vehicle, later identified as Gary Bolcerek, became irate and appeared to be reaching for a weapon, police reported. The initial officer called for emergency assistance at which time the Chesterton and Burns Harbor Police Departments responded to the scene.

Bolcerek retreated from his vehicle into his garage and a stand-off ensued as he brandished a black pistol, police reported. Initial attempts to de-escalate and speak with the man were made but “proved futile.” Chesterton Police deployed a less lethal bean-bag shotgun which was ineffective at stopping Bolcerek’s actions. A Taser was also deployed but proved ineffective as well, police said.

Bolcerek ultimately threw down his firearm and he was apprehended after a struggle with multiple officers. He was immediately transported by EMS to a nearby medical facility for assessment. He was later released from the hospital and transported to the Porter County Jail. The pistol that was recovered was determined to be a BB gun that police said substantially resembled a real pistol.

Bolcerek was charged with intimidation, battery to law enforcement, resisting law enforcement.

As of Thursday he was currently being held without bond due to his status of being out on bond for a prior violent crime.