The Ogden Dunes Police Department released the following information for residents regarding the presence of a sales and marketing team in the area:

“The Ogden Dunes Police Dept and Clerk Treasurer want to alert you to the temporary presence in Town, of a sales and marketing team – (National Telecom Services) contracted by Frontier Communications. They will be canvassing the area for a couple of weeks promoting Frontier’s fiber optic internet service and they have obtained a peddler’s permit, (OD Town Code 111.01) to go door to door.

“If you do not wish to have them knock on your door, you can display a home-made “NO SOLICITORS INVITED” notice on or near your entrance. If you choose this action, make your notice easy to read. (letters shall be at least 1/3 in height). If you do invite them into your home, you can certainly request that they wear a face mask.

“Please do not regard the Town’s permission for peddling as an endorsement of their product or any other product, given the same type of outreach.

“If you have questions, you can call Amy Parry, OD Clerk Treasurer at 219.762-4125.  We appreciate your time and attention.”