Two juveniles are facing a delinquency charge of felony intimidation in connection with a “vague threat” made against Chesterton High School Tuesday morning, according to the Chesterton Police Department Facebook page.

The Chesterton Police Department’s Facebook page stated the following:

That threat—the nature of which the CPD did not disclose—was made to the Duneland School Corporation’s new “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System,” prompting CHS staff and CPD school resource officers to begin an immediate investigation.

“In a timely fashion, officers and staff learned that the tip was not credible and that there was no threat to school safety,” the CPD said. “During the swift investigation this morning, two students (juveniles) were found to be responsible for the false tip. After consulting with Porter County Prosecutor Gary Germann and his staff, the two students have since been charged with intimidation.”

Intimidation, when the charge is filed against an adult, is a Level 6 felony punishable by a term of six to 30 months.

“I’d like to praise the quick actions of both the Duneland School Corporation’s staff and administrative team as well as the school resource officers assigned to the Duneland School Corporation,” Police Chief Tim Richardson said.

“Reporting false threats or accusations disrupt the educational process and there are serious school and legal consequences for individuals who falsely report,” CHS Principal Brent Martinson added. “The students responsible for this threat have been criminally charged. In accordance with Indiana law, they will be recommended for expulsion from Chesterton High School for the remainder of the school year. We understand that these situations can be unsettling, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this process. It is essential that we continue to prioritize the safety of our campus and maintain a vigilant and proactive stance when it comes to security. Thank you for your support.”