The Recycling and Waste Reduction District of Porter County has been selected as a recipient of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Community Recycling Grant Program. IDEM has awarded the District $100,000 to be utilized for the acquisition of a trommel screen. This screen will play a significant role in effectively minimizing debris and producing high-quality compost.

The District’s composting process spans over a period of eighteen months, during which windrows are formed using leaves and grass collected from municipal truck pick-ups, landscaping trucks, and residential drop-offs. Unfortunately, as a result of collection methods, trash and other non-compostable materials contaminate the materials.

The windrows are turned multiple times throughout the year and trash is manually removed. In the fall, rows are reclaimed and placed into a large static pile for curing until compost reaches its peak potency come springtime.

With the introduction of this screening equipment, the District will be able to efficiently remove debris and provide Porter County residents with compost of superior quality. The District anticipates that this higher quality compost will generate a greater demand for the product, encouraging more Porter County residents to visit the sites, collect free compost, and contribute to the increased volume of nutrient-rich material being returned to the ground.

“With continuous requests from residents and municipalities, the District has been striving to pursue this goal for a long time. We are honored to have been awarded this grant and eagerly look forward to making our vision a reality by refining the process that restores valuable nutrients to our environment,” states Executive Director, Keri Marrs Barron.

Composting is an effective method for recycling organic materials such as leaves and grass clippings, resulting in the creation of a soil amendment that is rich in nutrients. Compost has the ability to enhance the health of lawns and gardens, reduce soil erosion, divert waste from landfills, and foster the development of carbon-rich soil.

The District manages five compost sites, with two being restricted to municipal use and three being open to the public. The three public sites provide free compost exclusively to the residents of Porter County.

For more information regarding Recycling and Waste Reduction District of Porter County services, please contact or 219-465-3694.