The Griffith Public School District faced a series of threats targeting its schools, raising concerns for the safety of students and staff. On January 8, 2024, messages conveying potential threats were received by both the Griffith Public Schools and a suicide hotline. These messages, though vague and indirect, were promptly forwarded to the Griffith Police Department and school administrators for thorough investigation.
In accordance with established response protocols, all schools within the district were immediately placed on lockdown, and parents were promptly notified by school administrators of the situation. The Griffith Police Department swiftly deployed its resources, collaborating with school resource officers and school administrators to investigate the nature of the threats.
To ensure the safety of the school premises, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department provided canines specially trained in explosive detection. A comprehensive physical search of school buildings was conducted, complemented by a meticulous review of the schools’ robust security systems, including video footage.
Fortunately, both the physical search and the review of security systems revealed no breach that would compromise the safety of students or staff. Subsequently, in consultation with the police administration, the lockdown was lifted.
As the investigation unfolded, additional threats were reported but were promptly vetted and determined to be not credible. Media reports suggest that several school districts throughout Indiana experienced similar threats.
In response to these incidents, an increased police presence, comprising uniformed and non-uniformed officers, will be maintained at the schools throughout today and in the immediate future. The Police Department extends its gratitude to the Griffith Public Schools for their cooperation and support during the investigation, as well as to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Lake County E911, the Indiana State Police, the Schererville Police Department, and the Highland Police Department that contributed resources to ensure the safety of the schools.
The Griffith Police Department reiterates its commitment to a zero-tolerance policy for such threats and vows to utilize all available local, state, and federal resources to identify and prosecute the individual or individuals responsible for the fear and disruption caused.
If you have further information, please contact:
Detective Carney
or the Griffith Police Anonymous Tip Line
***Check their FACEBOOK page for more information.