The DNR has announced award winners for 2023 fish of the year.

Each year, anglers from around the state submit their biggest hook-and-line catches from Indiana waters hoping they will top the list for their species.

Winning entries for Fish of the Year are determined by the total length of the fish. Participants are required to submit information about their fish, including where they caught it and the bait they used. They must also include a photo documenting the measured length of the fish.

Below is a list of local fish of the year catches:

Species    Length (inches)    Location (County)    Angler

Bluegill    11.0    Lake of the Woods (Marshall)    Megan Wagner

Bowfin    28.5    Pine Lake (LaPorte)    Ron Ryba II

Brown Trout    29.5    Lake Michigan (LaPorte)    Walter R. Newman

Channel Catfish    34.0    Private Pond (Lake)    Jacob Hutsler

Chinook Salmon    37.0    Deep River (Lake)    Eric Alegre

Coho Salmon    33.5    Lake Michigan (Porter)    Dennis Sexton

Common Carp    34.0    Saint Joseph River (Elkhart)    Craig Baumgardner

Common Shiner    5.6    Plum Creek (Lake)    Tom Berg

Creek Chub    11.0    Stoney Creek (Elkhart)    layne yoder

Golden Shiner    9.4    Pine Lake (LaPorte)    Valerie Bacula

Green Sunfish    8.5    Centennial Park Pond (Lake)    Eric Alegre

Lake Whitefish    28.5    Lake Michigan (LaPorte)    Robert Johnson

Northern Pike    38.5    James Lake (Kosciusko)    Joel Williford

Redfin Pickerel    14.5    Private Pond (Lake)    John Clardy

Steelhead Trout    40.0    Lake Michigan (LaPorte)    Jeff Winegardner

Striped Shiner    8.5    Wolf Creek (Lake)    Tom Berg

Tilapia    13.0    Dowling Park (Lake)    Eric Alegre

White Bass    15.5    Lake Michigan (Lake)    Eric Alegre

White Crappie    17.2    Ivan Gatlin Nature Preserve Pond (Lake)    Elijah Wasinski

White Perch    11.0    Wolf Lake (Lake)    Conrad Alegre

Yellow Perch    15.2    Lake Michigan (Lake)    Anthony Talarico

To view the full list of winners or learn more about how to participate in the Fish of the Year program, visit