Press Release, City of Valparaiso:

To continue providing safe, reliable and uninterrupted water, sewer, stormwater and fire utilities at a competitive cost while supporting responsible growth and maintaining environmental compliance, Valparaiso City Services (VCS) has been reviewing its rate structure to keep pace with the future. “Investment in our utilities’ infrastructure provides clean drinking water, a cleaner environment and important safety features – all necessary in maintaining Valparaiso’s quality of life,” said Steve Poulos, VCS Executive Director.

A significant number of water and wastewater treatment process units within the City of Valparaiso are 35 to 60 years old and approximately one-third of the City’s ground infrastructure is at least 50 years old. As a part of strategic planning and master plan studies, the Valparaiso City Utilities (VCU) Board of Directors initiated engineering designs to plan necessary improvements to the City’s water and wastewater facilities, ensuring the ongoing modernization of systems, environmental sustainability, regulatory compliance and room for planned growth. At this time, VCS has prioritized these important capital projects, evaluated costs and the effect on utility rates.

“The rate adjustments, if approved, would begin in the summer of 2024 and will be phased in gradually through 2028,” said Poulos. Currently customers pay a usage charge for treatment and delivery of drinking water, the collection and treatment of
sewage and all related environmental services. Additionally, Valparaiso City Services provides water service for the City’s fire system, ensuring adequate capacity and pressure to ensure public safety. Customers also pay a service charge for the collection
of stormwater and garbage. “Inflation, plus increased costs for labor, regulatory requirements and the needed infrastructure upgrades mean that we must evaluate rates to ensure the reliable quality and services our community has come to expect,” said

Over the last four years, VCS has created a plan to present findings to the public and regulatory bodies, including the first public presentation to the Valparaiso City Council which will be on March 25, 2024, at 6:00 pm. Preceding the City Council meeting on March 25 at 4:45 pm, VCS will host an open house in City Hall Council Chambers, presenting visuals and answering questions from the public. To learn more about the rate process, the projects, proposed rates and the delivery of services, and view frequently asked questions, visit