La Porte Community School Corporation School Board released the following statement in regards to clarification on the former superintendent’s role:

Dear LPCSC Staff and Families,

We are reaching out to address and clarify the presence of our former Superintendent, Dr. Francesconi, in our district office after last month’s announcement of his retirement and the introduction of Dr. Hinckley as Interim Superintendent.

Dr Hinckley brings over thirty years of extensive experience that aligns with the initiatives and goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan. Her background not only shows a deep and insightful connection to the La Porte community, but also guarantees sustained progress toward achieving our shared vision.

The ongoing engagement of Dr. Francesconi with the district is part of the transition process outlined in his retirement agreement with the school board. This arrangement allows him to complete projects and policy updates initiated during his tenure under the direction of Dr. Hinckley and the school board. It is a common practice for retiring superintendents to receive a final payout at the conclusion of their service, which will be the case for Dr. Francesconi on June 30, 2024. This is a standard part of the retirement agreement designed to recognize the dedication and contributions of educational leaders.

We are committed to transparency and understand the importance of keeping our school community informed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Our priority remains the well-being and success of our students, and we are dedicated to moving forward with your support and understanding.


LPCSC Board of School Trustees