Press Release, La Porte Community School Corporation:

La Porte – Congratulations to Allison Younggreen, the 2024 La Porte Community School Corporation Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Jason Remmel, the 2024 Secondary Teacher of the Year! We are fortunate to have such incredible teachers in our corporation.

Elementary Teacher of the Year – Allison Younggreen

With a 12-year tenure with the La Porte Community School Corporation, Allison Younggreen has taught multiple grade levels, including 5th grade (5 years), 2nd grade (3 years), 1st grade (1 year), and 3rd grade (3 years). This diverse experience has enriched her teaching methodology, allowing her to reach and inspire all her students effectively.

Allison holds a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University South Bend (IUSB). She is an active Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) member and has contributed significantly to various school and corporation-level committees. Her roles include participation in the Reading, STEM, and Learning and Outcomes committees and involvement in LPCSC Curriculum Mapping, Science Textbook Adoption, and Literacy Committees.

Allison’s dedication to professional growth is evident through her active participation in numerous workshops and conferences, such as the Indiana Principal Leadership Institute Teacher Leader program, IDOE Teacher Leader Bootcamp, and various STEM Integration Standards Workshops. Her commitment to continual learning and leadership is fundamental to her teaching philosophy.

Allison’s teaching approach centers on engaging, hands-on learning experiences that cater to her students’ interests. She emphasizes collaboration and creative thinking in her lessons. One notable project is the Lemonade War PBL, where students create lemonade stands to raise funds for various causes, integrating lessons on business, community, and empathy. Similar projects based on novels like “Charlotte’s Web” and “The Boxcar Children” further highlight her innovative approach to teaching.

In addition to her classroom excellence, Allison has played a pivotal role in Crichfield’s journey to becoming a STEM-certified school. As the Teacher Lead for the Full STEAM Ahead team, she has been instrumental in incorporating STEM into the curriculum, organizing events like Outdoor Classroom Day and parent STEAM nights, and guiding the school through the STEM certification and recertification processes.

Allison’s commitment extends beyond the classroom into the community. Growing up on a farm and deeply involved in 4-H, she volunteers for the La Porte County 4-H Dairy program and serves as a Superintendent for the La Porte County Fair Board. Her initiatives have led to educational programs like the Curious Kids Trail and the Tractor Trail, which engage children in learning about agriculture and community involvement.

Allison has demonstrated a profound commitment to her students’ education and personal growth throughout her career. She believes in connecting classroom learning to real-world applications, fostering a sense of community, and helping her students realize their full potential. Her passion, creativity, and dedication make her a deserving recipient of the Elementary Teacher of the Year award.

Secondary Teacher of the Year – Jason Remmel

With degrees from Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana University South Bend, and Vincennes University, Jason Remmel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his La Porte High School role.

Jason’s leadership in professional development has advanced technology and professional growth within the La Porte Community School Corporation. As the LPHS Computer Resource Person and technology department liaison, he has led new teacher technology orientation training and coordinated the implementation of the Gizmos Explore Learning Curriculum. His efforts in grant writing and professional development coordination have ensured the successful integration of Gizmos into the science curriculum for grades 5-12, inspiring a new era of interactive learning.

Recognized for his dedication and excellence, Jason has received multiple accolades, including a Teacher of the Year nomination for 2023-2024 and Teacher of the Month honors in January 2018, August 2017, and September 2014. He was also celebrated at the Teacher Pride Banquet in May 2017, May 2016, and April 2015.

In addition to his role as a La Porte High School science teacher, Jason has served as a technology club leader for Michigan City Area Schools’ Safe Harbor After School Program and a foreign instructor of conversational English for Aeon Corporation in Japan. His diverse teaching experiences have enriched his approach to education, particularly his favorite lesson in Anatomy and Physiology, which involves a hands-on blood typing lab. This lesson deepens students’ understanding of genetics and connects them to real-world medical applications and potential careers.

Jason was instrumental in securing the Gizmos Science Learning Grant for the district, revolutionizing the science curriculum by providing interactive simulations that enhance student engagement and understanding. Additionally, his leadership in implementing the Project Lead The Way Biomedical Sciences pathway at LPHS has significantly enriched the curriculum, offering students valuable exposure to biomedical sciences.

Beyond the classroom, Jason has organized student participation in health-related lectures, counseled students on health careers, and written numerous letters of recommendation. His efforts have inspired many students to pursue careers in the medical field. His international teaching experience in Japan has also influenced his teaching style, emphasizing the importance of demonstrating concepts to students.

Fluent in English and with basic proficiency in Japanese, Jason’s contributions to education and his commitment to student success make him a deserving recipient of the Secondary Teacher of the Year award. His innovative teaching methods, leadership in professional development, and community engagement have had a lasting impact on LPCSC and its students.