BEWARE of out of town roofing vendors in our area since the recent hailstorm- read below for more details. Support Local
MICHIGAN CITY – With the influx of roofing vendors since the recent hailstorm, the public is advised that only three contractors have permission from the City of Michigan City to solicit door to door at this time.
The City does not endorse any specific company; it only grants licenses to vendors who provide proper insurance and adhere to local ordinances.
For example, Michigan City Ordinance No. 1892 dictates vendors must observe the following rules as they relate to handbills or other printed advertising materials:
– No distribution in public streets, park grounds or other public places.
– No placing on motor vehicles.
– No distribution upon private yards, porches, mailboxes or houses.
– No distribution between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.
– No posting on fences, buildings or other structures.
Michigan City residents are encouraged to do their due diligence in determining whether they’re working with a licensed and authorized vendor, all of whom are required to wear city-issued badges while soliciting or distributing materials.
To determine whether a contractor is licensed and approved to work locally, contact the Michigan City Board of Public Works & Safety at (219) 873-1400, ext. 2001.